Monday, June 27, 2016

K-drama Review: Please Come Back, Mister (2016)

Hi everyone! The recent drama that I just finished is PLEASE COME BACK, MISTER~
Some of my friends recommended it to me, I have watched it trailer and Rain's appearance made this drama is so tempting to watch!

Please Come Back, Mister (Hangul: 돌아와요 아저씨; RR: Dorawayo Ajeossi) is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Rain, Oh Yeon-seo, Kim In-kwon, Kim Soo-ro, Lee Min-jung, Lee Ha-nui, Choi Won-young and Yoon Park, based on the Japanese novel published in 2002, Mr. Tsubakiyama's Seven Days by Jirō Asada. It aired on SBS from 24 February to 14 April 2016 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

J-drama Review: Attention Please (2006)

Hello everyoneeee! I decided to watch this drama because it's story about cabin attendant a.k.a cabin crew. Ehem I've ever wanted to be a cabin attendant myself, so I'm interested to know more about reality behind the industry. In real life, I also have some cabin attendant friends and it made me aware about how serious that job is. It's not only about serving drinks or food on board guys.


Losing her mother at a young age, Misaki Yoko (Ueto Aya) was raised amongst three brothers. Yoko is a slightly boyish girl who is bullheaded and hates dishonesty. Ever since she was young, she enjoyed the company of boys over girls. She starts a band with four of her boy friends and becomes the lead singer. Then one day, one of the members of the band, Tsukasa, gets a job at a bank in Tokyo. Due to Tsukasa leaving town, the band breaks up and though Yoko finds herself lonely, she puts on a strong act in front of Tsukasa. She can't tell Tsukasa how she truly feels for him. On the day Tsukasa leaves for Tokyo, Yoko goes along with the band members to the airport to see him off. The guys get excited when they see some cabin crew ladies and Yoko has no idea why. She reminds them that even she can wear a uniform, but the guys only make fun of her. That's when Tsukasa tells Yoko he wonders what she'd look like dressed in uniform. This is when Yoko decides she wants to work as a Cabin Attendant. (credit:

Saturday, June 11, 2016

J-drama Review: 14 Sai no Haha (2006)

Hello everyone~ I'm back with another Japanese drama review again!
I missed this drama when I was in senior high school, so I watched it properly few days ago. This drama was a BOMB at that moment. Getting pregnant is a crucial moment after getting married, but how if the pregnant woman is still 14 years old? This drama won't make you cry a river (at least for me) but it will gives you so many good morale lessons :)

(14 years old Mother)

Miki Ichinose (Mirai Shida) is the girl next door. She is an average junior high school second grader,who likes spending time with her friends and prefers extra curricular activities to studying. She also enjoys dating her year-older boyfriend, Satoshi Kirino (Haruma Miura).Her teenager life, however, becomes no longer typical when she gets pregnant and decides to keep the baby…

Everybody objects her decision to become a mother at such a young age.Her family and relatives worry about what others will say.Her teachers and classmates are only concerned with their school’s reputation. Even Satoshi refuses to accept his future role as a father.Miki feels that nobody is on her side, and almost decides to give up the baby. But she suddenly realizes and says to herself:“Everyone is against me except for one person, the one who is inside me;my baby!”

Miki finally decides to keep the baby, and flees home to find a place to give birth peacefully. Her journey is, of course, full of hurdles: People,when finding out about her situation, begin pointing fingers.And some even become abusive towards her. Still, as in every journey, goodhearted people are always there to help. In such a harsh situation,Miki never loses her cheerful and positive attitude, because she already knows she will never be alone again. As Miki begins to show, she also matures mentally by rousing maternal instincts, attaining strength and tenderness as a future mother. (cr:

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

K-drama Review: Sassy Go Go (2015)

안녕친구! I just finished another Korean drama titled "Sassy Go Go" that aired in Korea last year. I actually didn't know about this drama until my blogger friend mentioned it last year. When I saw the details about this drama, apparently Eun Ji A Pink is one of the main role and I thought I should watch this drama, since it's only 12 episodes.

Set at the elite Sevit High School in Seoul, the drama follows the lives of five students as they attempt to survive in a vicious environment where academic elitism takes place. Kang Yeon-doo (Jung Eun-ji) is the leader of outcast street dance club "Real King", a group of students who band together because of their poor academic performance, whereas Kim Yeol (Lee Won-keun) is the President of "Baek Ho", an elite club composed of students from the top 5 percent. When the two clubs are forcibly merged to create a cheerleading squad, the two put their differences aside for the benefit of their clubs. As they go on with their misadventures, lots of things happened that has resulted to a great and unbreakable bond. Cheer Up! is a story that aims an ordinary high school student's misadventures including love, heartbreak, pain and friendship